The social media platforms managed by Viviera Beach Ktf.. are moderated.

Moderation operates based on the following principles, which the User must adhere to. The purpose of moderation is to ensure content with a tone that is more broadly acceptable in society on the pages.

Moderation is carried out by the page Administrators based on the following principles.
The moderator's task is to ensure the proper functioning and purpose of the forum.

Moderators comment on and manage content uploaded by users based on predetermined principles. Moderation necessarily involves subjective control, where different moderators monitor and occasionally override each other's activities.

Moderators cannot edit or partially delete appearing messages: they can either (1) leave the comment, (2) hide it from the general public and keep it visible only to the commenter and their circle, or (3) delete it entirely.

In the following cases, the entire post may be deleted, and its author banned, based on the subjective judgment of the moderators.

  • Using all caps, the persistent use of CAPS LOCK.
  • Typing the same message over several lines in succession, also known as flooding
  • It is not allowed to include phone numbers, IP addresses, email addresses, illegal FTP server addresses, addresses of competitor forum services, or web addresses, neither in the name nor in the comments.
  • Use of profanity, foul language, and not adhering to basic conversational norms.
  • It is forbidden to write any text that violates laws, refers to them, or grossly offends the majority of commenters' tastes.
  • if they contain remarks that criticize the moderating activity, or the activities of Viviera Beach or its partners, thereby qualifying as off-topic for the given post,
  • if they violate others' personal rights,
  • if they offend minority, religious, ethnic, or other groups,
  • if they contain vulgar, derogatory, defamatory, hateful, threatening, inciting messages,
  • if they contain any other registered user's personal data (name, residence, workplace, phone number, email address),
  • if they contain false or partially false claims,
  • if they contain personal attacks against another registered user, i.e., vulgarly expressed opinions or insults,
  • if they contain links, images, expressions offensive to good taste, or if these links, images, expressions are unlawful (unlawful is any comment that, at the time of publication, violates the law, or contains an invitation to commit a crime or other legal offense),
  • if these links are not directly related to the activities associated with the site, thus being irrelevant (and therefore harmful to the operation of the site),
  • if they contain commercial advertising (commercial advertising includes any topic or comment that advertises products, services, websites, job vacancies, or profit-oriented businesses),
  • If it carries content that harms the legitimate interests or good reputation of Viviera Beach,
  • If it can cause harm to someone else's computer or contains misleading, virus-infected links or images.

Moderators may restrict the rights of users who violate the law or deliberately or repeatedly hinder civilized conversation, and may ban them from the site.
Replacing content that a moderator has already removed also results in a ban.

By using the site and commenting on it in any way, the user acknowledges and accepts the above principles.

Viviera Beach Kft. does not accept any responsibility for content removed during moderation, any damages arising from the removal, or for the failure to remove!"

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