House rules

The Keszthely City Beach - conforming to its seasonal opening hours and suitable weather conditions - is open every day, but our shops remain closed in unfavorable weather.

Entrance to our area is free after purchasing a ticket to the Keszthely City Beach. Our organizers reserve the right to modify opening hours or remain closed in extraordinary weather conditions.

Területünket és üzleteinket mindenki csak saját felelősségére látogathatja, az itt található eszközöket (ülőhelyek, árnyékolók stb.) mindenki kizárólag saját felelősségére használhatja.

On concert days, gates open at 19:00, and for other events generally at 20:00. Check current opening times on or, where you'll find detailed information about our events.

Our events are accessible with pre-purchased, valid entry tickets, available online, through our official ticket-selling partners, and on-site. If pre-sold tickets reach the venue's maximum capacity, on-site ticket sales will be limited accordingly. We are not responsible for tickets purchased through unofficial channels or third parties; check their validity and authenticity before purchase.

Outside concert and event days, some parts of our area and shops are open until 23:00. Entry into closed areas or shops is strictly prohibited.

Szervezőink fenntartják a jogot, hogy rendkívüli időjárási körülmények esetén a nyitvatartási időpontokat módosítsák, vagy zárva tartsanak.

Visiting our area, shops, and events is at your own risk.

Ticket prices vary depending on the event and are valid for one-time entry. Our events operate a re-entry system, so if you leave and want to return, show your wristband (only the one given on-site) and pay a 500 HUF re-entry fee.

Ticket prices vary depending on the event and are valid for one-time entry. Our events operate a re-entry system, so if you leave and want to return, show your wristband (only the one given on-site) and pay a 500 HUF re-entry fee.

We sell our entry tickets in a multi-tiered system, and we display the pre-purchase information for each of our events.

Tickets are sold in a tiered system. For current concert and program information, visit or

Online tickets are available at and their nationwide sales points.

Pre-purchased tickets grant entry until midnight; QR codes on tickets will be invalidated thereafter.

It is strictly forbidden to make audio and video recordings throughout the entire area of Viviera Beach, including any recordings that infringe on the copyright of performers' presentations at the event. If a photo or video is taken in such cases, the responsibility for complying with laws related to personal and privacy rights lies with the person who creates and manages these recordings.

*The data controller of your personal data is Viviera Beach Ltd. (headquarters: 8360 Keszthely, Móricz Zsigmond utca 2, tax number: 25559329-2-20, hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). The Company may make photo and sound recordings of the event for the purpose of promoting our business and events. By purchasing your ticket to the event and participating, or by entering the event venue, you expressly consent to the recording of your image and voice, with the stipulation that you will only be identified with your explicit consent.

If you are considered a public figure, you can be named without your consent. The use of the photo and sound recordings is unlimited in terms of space, time, and manner of use. Viviera Beach Ltd. is freely entitled to utilize, use (e.g., for the promotion of future events), duplicate, publish, process, make public, broadcast, and distribute the sound and/or image recordings made of you without any restrictions, in accordance with relevant legal regulations and respecting your personality rights. You are not entitled to any compensation, either in advance or retrospectively, for these uses, and you cannot make any such claim or demand against our Company. The legal basis for the processing of the above data is the consent of the person concerned (Article 6(1)(a) of GDPR, as well as Section 3§7 of Act CXII of 2011 and Section 6:4.§(2)(3) of Act V of 2013). The photo and video recordings made during the event will be processed until your consent is withdrawn.

In case of bad weather, the event organizer will issue a statement about the cancellation of the concert on the concert day by 18:00 at the latest on

If no announcement is made, it means the event organizer is prepared to hold the concert, and may delay the start of the concert if necessary.

Our organizers reserve the right to cancel the concert on-site depending on the weather, as well as to wait 20 minutes before starting or continuing the concert once it has already begun.

If the concert is interrupted due to bad weather after 35 minutes, it is considered to have been held.

In case of cancellation, a rain check date (alternative date) will be set for the event if possible, and previously purchased tickets will be valid for this rescheduled date.

If it is not possible to set an alternative date, upon the guest's request and based on a valid written inquiry (, we will refund the ticket price within 60 days. Please note that according to our business regulations and house rules, requests for ticket refunds are accepted within 72 hours following the canceled event; after this period, there is no possibility to exchange tickets.

If any event is canceled (either not started at all or stopped at any stage) due to an external cause or force majeure situation that is beyond the control of Viviera Beach, then Viviera Beach is not obligated to refund ticket prices, pay compensation, or make any payments under any other legal title.

This particularly includes - but is not limited to - mandatory evacuations ordered by authorities, extraordinary weather conditions that threaten life, physical integrity, or property security; war, epidemic, bomb threats; power outages, and other crimes committed by third parties, etc.

Our organizers have the right to request different amounts for entry tickets at featured programs and, at their discretion, to keep certain venues closed or restrict access in the case of private events.

Viviera Beach employs the services of personal and property security as defined in Act CXXXIII of 2005.

Before entry at the gate and throughout the entire event venue, the organizers and security service personnel may check the guests' clothing and bags based on Section 26 of Act CXXXIII of 2005. Bringing prohibited items, as well as food and drinks, is strictly FORBIDDEN, and entry may be denied by the security service.

Those who may be removed from our premises and events include individuals who:

  • Endanger the lives, physical integrity, property rights of others; damage the property of others, or harm the natural environment; or demonstrate disorderly conduct or behavior that otherwise serves as a basis for police action.
  • Incites against members of other social groups or otherwise stirs unrest among the audience through aggressive behavior;
  • Fails to remove prohibited items from the area despite being asked to do so;
  • Entered the Viviera Beach area not through the entrance or was previously removed from there;
  • Falls under age restrictions or has been banned from the area by the organizers of Viviera Beach;
  • Falls under age restrictions or has been banned from the area by the organizers of Viviera Beach.

Persons who may be denied entry to our premises and events include those who:

  • refuse to undergo the necessary security checks; are wearing inappropriate, dirty clothing, or have an overall poor hygiene;
  • are unable to prove their age with an ID card or other credible document
  • have been previously removed from the premises of Viviera Beach.

Items that are not allowed on our premises and must be removed include:

  • objects whose possession is illegal;
  • Items that pose a danger to the safety of individuals present at Viviera Beach;
  • On concert, program, and event days, it is forbidden to bring in travel or sports bags, laptop bags, backpacks, plastic bags, or umbrellas. It is also not allowed to appear for security checks with such baggage;
  • Only food and beverages purchased at Viviera Beach may be consumed on its premises;
  • It is forbidden to bring in food and beverages not purchased at Viviera Beach;
  • Graffiti tools, spray paint, and markers are prohibited from being brought in.

The security service is authorized to remove certain individuals or prevent their entry. Guests under the age of 14 are only allowed entry with parental accompaniment.

Children under the age of 4 can enter concerts for free, but only under parental supervision.

In our shops and at our events, we do not serve alcoholic beverages to individuals under the age of 18. Our drinks are served with ice in REPO GLASSES, which may affect their quality.

At the counters, guests may be asked to prove their age with a credible document.

A recycled glass system is in operation throughout the entire area of Viviera Beach. For detailed information related to this, please visit the website."

Dogs and other pets are not allowed on our premises.

Bringing bicycles onto our premises is prohibited. Guests arriving by bicycle are requested to use the bicycle storage facilities located at the entrance of the Keszthely city beach. We do not accept any responsibility for equipment stored there.

Some areas of Viviera Beach are covered with stone, gravel, and wooden decking. Due to weather effects, gaps and cracks can develop in these coverings, which can be a tripping hazard. Therefore, it is not recommended to walk on such wooden decking in high heels.

Guests need to pay extra attention to any gaps, cracks, or openings that may occur in the coverings.

Despite the above warning, the organizers do not accept responsibility for any accidents, such as tripping, falling, or any other incidents, especially those caused by inattention under the influence of alcohol, and their consequences.

For your safety, 'body surfing' (when the crowd passes a fan overhead towards the stage) is prohibited at Viviera Beach. If this still happens to you, the organizers will lead you to the edge of the venue. If it happens again, unfortunately, you will have to leave the Viviera Beach premises!"

The organizers do not take responsibility for any personal or material damages that may occur!

Entry to and exit from Viviera Beach can only be done through the entrances guarded by the organizers.

If you notice any irregularities, please report them immediately to the security staff or any of our employees!

Please take care of your valuables; we do not take responsibility for lost items. If the flooring of Viviera Beach has to be removed to retrieve a lost item, we can only do so if the item's owner agrees to bear the cost of the repair.

We do not take responsibility for valuables left unattended or kept with you on the premises of Viviera Beach. If you see a lost package, please report it to the security service.

In case of an emergency, follow the instructions of the security staff, keep calm, and leave the area through the nearest emergency exit!"

At our events, the safety of Viviera Beach guests is the responsibility of Viviera Beach Security Services.

By purchasing your ticket or entering Viviera Beach, you fully and unconditionally accept our house rules and all its regulations.

Operator: Viviera Beach Kft. Address: 8360 Keszthely, Móricz Zsigmond utca 2.

We would like to inform our guests that the organizers of Viviera Beach only accept written inquiries.

Wishing you a great time,

The organizers of Viviera Beach in Keszthely!

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